Kyla Jade is one of the finalists on The Voice. (Photo: NBC)


Every week, she’s been bringing the house down on The Voice. With a winner named soon, Nashville’s rooting for Kyla Jade.

"She hits zones that only a pianist or an organist can hit," said Bishop Jerry Maynard of the Cathedral of Praise, noting a voice that big often comes right from church. "The first time I heard Kyla sing, I was so moved by the ability and the range she had."

At the Cathedral of Praise, you’d often find Jade at her spot directing the choir. Maynard said she joined the church when she was a student at Fisk University. When she took the mic, watch out.

"That takes something beyond just an ordinary being," said Maynard. "We have a tremendous appreciation for Kyla Jade."

"Anybody that can give you that heavy fullness and that range with highs and lows for days truly has my heart," said friend Janard Cross.

Cross met Jade working with the Bobby Jones Gospel. She’s a current member of the Nashville Super Choir.

"She’s killing it," laughed Cross. "As they say these days, she’s been slaying it. Slaying the kids. She didn’t come to play. She came to slay! OK!"

"She is at heart a church girl, always be a church girl," Cross continued. "The very emotion that she’s shown, being there on that stage has made her even more impactful. When people with those big talents like Kyla will take their time off the stage to let you know you’re important, that’s what spoken volumes to me about her."

With a winner of The Voice announced soon, Jade has a few messages being sent to her from back home in Tennessee.

"Whether or not you are chosen tonight, you are still The Voice," said Maynard.

"I love you, Kyla," said Cross. "I think you for everything you’re doing. Keep going. Keep humble. Stay faithful. There are not limits."

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