The moment you hear the name Nashville in, your mind likely immediately conjures up a musical extravaganza, an epic tribute act, or an electric music festival.

Certainly, Nashville TN is an expert at delivering on each of these fronts. However, there is a whole lot more to this town than music. In fact, it’s a travel location that should be on everyone’s wish list. Here come just a few of the reasons why you need to plan your next trip.

It’s Foodie Heaven

The people of Nashville know how to cook. Dishes are all about being bold, colorful and delicious. The strong local agricultural vibe also means that you can often expect locally sourced produce in your meal choices.

One recommendation we have for you is the hot chicken, a Nashville specialty. Treat yourself to a mac cheese side dish and your well on the way to seventh heaven for your taste buds.

A Taste Of Culture

It’s not just great food that you can enjoy sampling when in Nashville. There’s plenty of cultures to feast on too. For example, the Hatch Show Print is a favorite for people who love colorful and iconic letterpress posters.

Shop Till You Drop

The Nashville boutiques are a great place to enjoy a spot of retail therapy. A few good options are Hillsboro Village and 12 South, although there are plenty more too.

Plenty To See Off The Beaten Track

The great thing about Nashville is that it’s not just the town center that is crammed with activities. A short drive out of town will open up plenty of new options to enjoy.

For example, why not take a day out to enjoy Franklin? It’s a great place for shopping with plenty of unique stores to keep you busy. You will also find abundant restaurants to please all tastes. If you do fancy heading to Franklin, it’ll only take you twenty minutes by car.

Are you already feeling tempted to book a trip to Nashville? Countless people stream to this location year in and year out. Certainly there are music opportunities galore, both for aspiring artists and music lovers. However, music is not all that is on offer in Nashville. For plenty of shopping, a good taste of culture and a culinary delight for your taste buds, Nashville is the place to be!