The official transformation of Navy Recruiting District (NRD) Nashville to Navy Talent Acquisition Group (NTAG) Nashville and Talent Acquisition Onboarding Center (TAOC) Music City was observed with a cake-cutting and kick-off ceremony at NTAG Nashville Headquarters on June 1.
NTAG Nashville is the fifth district in the nation to transform to the new system of recruiting. The new recruiting model is customer service oriented with focused disciplines of sourcing, sales, accession and onboarding. This transformation gives an opportunity for recruiters to thrive by placing them in the discipline which plays to their specific strengths, said Cmdr. Patrick Acker, executive officer of NTAG Music City.
“Nashville has an advantage to have seen what has worked and what hasn’t,” said Acker. “This advantage has put NTAG Music City in a unique situation to adopt successful processes from other NTAGs and implement new tactics for future NTAGs.”
One of the ideas being adopted in TAOC Music City originated from TAOC Rocky Mountain. Since sourcing and sales are so closely linked and have significant overlap, they will be merged to make one “sourcing/sales” discipline. “We are planning on keep 80% of our current recruiters in sales and sourcing,” said Master Chief Petty Officer Tony Peraza, the chief recruiter at NTAG Music City. “The hope is it will allow the Sailors to become more refined in a field in which they are already excelling.”
NTAG Music City is one of the smaller recruiting commands with only about 90 recruiters in the field covering more than 100,000 square miles in and around Tennessee and Arkansas. “We are definitely punching above our weight class. I love to hear that metaphor because we are the best small team of recruiters in the nation, as far as I’m concerned,” said Cmdr. Tonrey Ford, commanding officer of NTAG Nashville.
Another adaptation of the new system, based on the current manning at NTAG Nashville is to use the Naval Special Operations and Naval Special Warfare (NSO/NSW) Scouts as part of the onboarding team. Cmdr. Ford explains that the NSO/NSW Scouts are dynamic and using them as part of the onboarding discipline is a natural fit. Scouts have established mentorship with their Future Sailors with a high level of contact and motivation. With these habits already in play, NSO/NSW Scouts have a reputation for creating lasting relationships with their applicants that lead to the successful completion of the enlisting process. “Recruiting is about relationships,” said Ford.
NTAG Music City, along with NTAG Northern Plains, is also blazing the trail with an innovative application for processing recruits. “We have to change how were doing business and we have to be smart about how we’re doing it, and part of that is leveraging technology,” said Ford. NTAG Music City will be implementing a technology developed by SalesForce, an online commercial software. The use of the SalesForce program is intended to mitigate the delay experienced by Sailors while trying to process an applicant and needing to use several different programs and online legacy systems currently in use. This software is designed to seamlessly transmit data from one discipline to the next. This streamlining will likely reduce stress and frustration for recruiters and make the process more efficient.
“Even if nothing else changes, but the transformation in the software makes your job easier, then transformation is a success,” said Ford. “SalesForce will be a force multiplier for my recruiters.” The official rollout for the nation is slated for October 2018.
The reduction of stress and a better quality of life for the Sailors is the overall purpose of the transformation from NRD to NTAG. “From a personal standpoint, I just want to make sure the recruiters are thriving in their personal and professional lives,” said Peraza.
The concept focuses on the idea that the work load will be evenly displaced across the disciplines, giving individuals less to stress about. The concept focuses on teamwork to attain the goal, and it gives the Sailor an opportunity to thrive. “A mantra we’ve heard from NTAG Rocky Mountain is that the recruiters are becoming ‘Masters of their craft,’” said Acker.
Higher goals nationwide, low manning and the overall growing pains of significant change in transformation are obstacles NTAG Nashville faces. While the disciplines are designed to mitigate the workload for individual recruiters, both Ford and Acker agree, only time will tell.
The mission of NTAG Nashville and TAOC Music City remains the same going into transformation. “No matter what happens, we can’t lose focus, we have to ship people out to boot camp. That’s where the rubber meets the road,” said Peraza. Success for NTAG Nashville will still be measured by making goal.
Sailor inputs are necessary to ensure success for NTAG Nashville, and future NTAGs as well. “We want recruiters to speak up about ideas,” said Acker. “We will be able to pass on the ideas that work in the field.” NTAG Nashville will continue working on the mission, paving the way in technology and making quality of life improvements for the Sailors.
NTAG Nashville/TAOC Music City is one of 5 NTAGs nationwide. More than 100,000 square miles are assigned to NTAG Nashville/TAOC Music City including counties in Tennessee, Arkansas, northern Alabama, northern Georgia, northern Mississippi, southern Kentucky and Southwestern Virginia.

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