NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – Wendell Smith’s is a Nashville staple that many have probably driven past for years.

Since 1952, Wendell Smith’s old-fashioned restaurant has been serving meat-and-threes and more to hungry Nashville customers.

The sign out front says Wendell Smith’s restaurant offers “fine food.” It’s not like fine fancy, it’s fine like fantastic.

The country never left the city at Wendell’s. Good food and good folk is the recipe.

Benji Smith owns the restaurant now that his grandfather Wendall opened in 1952.

Benji provides southern comfort, the kitchen does too.

Sunday supper provided all week long. Call it what you want.

“Greasy spoon is a compliment in our world,” said Benji.

Wendell’s is known as a meat and three.

The stories you will hear at the restaurant are endless.

When long-time waitress Lori Harrington says she grew up here, she means it.

“I was four years old and my mother worked here, and I’d sleep in that booth over there,” said Harrington.

Fresh vegetables are delivered daily. The rest of the meal is your call.

But his father’s business advice has.

“My dad always said once you get em, they’ll come back,” said Benji.

These days Nashville is a changing, just not at Wendell Smith’s.

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